Protect Your Glass Against High Winds!

We’ve been seeing some pretty nasty high winds in Seattle lately! Downed power lines, damaged buildings, and compromised transit has been pretty widespread in the surrounding area, so we thought we’d help give a few ideas on how to protect one of the biggest investments in every building – windows!

Nobody likes broken glass, but it’s more than an inconvenience or blemish on your property. Shattered windows during storms, earthquakes, or break-ins can cause serious injuries to people inside. The best way to prevent against excessive shattering in the event of broken glass is to apply a layer of protective window film. Here’s how each of our window film products prevent shattering:

Solar/UV Film

By simply adding a layer of film, you can significantly reduce the chances of shattered glass. By its very nature, window film adheres to the surface of the glass and is much more likely to keep glass held together than regular window glass on its own. Though 3M Solar Film isn’t necessarily designed for protective purposes, it adds a level of safety by its very nature.

Safety Films

These are a good choice for residential glass, as they pass impact testing of at least 150 pounds and aren’t quite as expensive as security films. However, while they are rated for impact protection, they aren’t designed to prevent more violent circumstances like home invasions or explosions.

Security Films

Security film is stronger and thicker than safety films, with most available in the 4-15 mil range. The thicker the film, the better the protection. Security films are often rated for impacts over 400 pounds and can withstand significant damage without failing. These are your best options to withstand windborne debris without boarding up your windows entirely.

Brower Tinting and Graphics has been in the Puget Sound area for over 50 years and we’re dedicated to protecting windows against any type of damage. Our hearts go out to those affected by the recent storm activity.

To discuss how our window film can prevent window damage or how we can help, contact us today.

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