Protect Your Home: How Safety and Security Film Works

Typically, when homeowners think about home security, alarm systems and bars on the first-floor windows are front-of-mind. However, additional (and less view-obstructive) steps can be taken to protect your home from burglary. Safety and security film can slow or dissuade a burglary from occurring.

Security film protects your home by holding broken glass in place. With security film installed, the glass might still break if struck with enough force from a burglar’s weapon, but it resists shattering. If you have security film installed on both sides of your glass (and especially for both sides of both glass panes in tempered glass applications), the security of the glass is doubled and quadrupled.

In order to properly prevent the window glass from breaking, security films generally have a thickness of 4-14 mil. Films from 15-21 mil are available for added safety. To test the resilience of security films, all films must undergo an impact test, where a 150-pound weight is dropped onto the filmed glass repeatedly. If the glass with film passes the test criteria, it then is processed with a 400-pound test. In order to be considered a ‘safety film’, passing the 150-pound test is required. Usually, glass with 2-4 millimeter film will meet this requirement, however the only 4 millimeter film that additionally passes the 400-pound test is one we offer with Brower Tinting & Graphics: 3M Scotchshield Ultra 400.

According to 3M, and as we’ve found from years of working with the product, “This film delivers superior performance over standard polyester films in blast and impact events, yet still maintains a high level of optical clarity.”

Please note that security film is not bullet proof. If a burglar is determined, and has no fear of making a lot of noise, they will eventually be able to break through the glass and enter your home. However, security film reduces the risk of harm from an explosion of a burglar gaining entry to your home.

Contact Brower Tinting & Graphics to learn more about safety and security film, and to determine how these window tints and films can improve your home’s security.

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