Protect Your Windows from New Year’s Eve Mischief

Most people don’t even consider the threat of vandalism until it happens to them, but if you’re smart, you’ll make preparations before you find yourself washing your windows or picking up broken glass from your storefront.

This is especially true around the holidays. According to a study by the Housing and Development Law Institute, New Year’s Eve is third worst night of the year for vandalism. (Unsurprisingly, Halloween tops the charts.) Indeed, last New Year’s Eve of 2015, a Tacoma woman was arrested for running around a neighborhood throwing rocks into the windows of cars and homes and leaving a trail of bloody handprints! Though that’s a pretty extreme case, it’s a local example of the kind of mischief that happens every year.

If you’re worried about what vandals might do to your windows when they’ve had enough glasses of champagne, call Brower Tinting and Graphics!

Our security film is a protective layer you can put across your window panes that will provide both maximum protection and maximum visibility. Ranging from 4 mil to 10 mil, our security film can protect against broken windows due to vandals or even natural disasters. Not only do they keep windows from shattering, but they also provide a barrier between your expensive glass window and any graffiti, scratches, or stickers. If someone “tags” your window, you can just peel it right off!

If you’re hoping to vandal-proof your windows in time for New Years or to start 2016 off as securely as possible, call us at Brower Tinting and Graphics! We are the most trusted name in the Seattle area for window film.

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