Regulate Your Home’s Moody Spring Temperatures with Window Tinting

Seattle Springs are a confusing season. It will go from cold, blustery, and overcast to a beautiful clear sky and shining warm sun in less than an hour, making it hard for a thermostat to keep up. A home uses a great deal of energy trying to regulate inconsistent temperatures, and keeping pace with the whims of Seattle weather can take its toll on your electric bill as well as your comfort. Is window film the solution?

Window Tinting

Residential window tinting offers solar control that will help your home take the edge off both the highs and lows this spring. Solar control window film helps reflect heat back into your home, preventing it from escaping through the glass, so when it’s colder outside your furnace doesn’t have to suddenly work much harder. Window film with solar control will keep 30% more BTUs (a unit of heat energy) in your home than without!

Solar control window film will also reflect sunlight and heat from the outside away from the house. If the sun breaks through the clouds and starts beaming through your window, you won’t suddenly need to take off your sweater, pull the blinds, or turn on the air conditioning—your window tinting will help regulate that temperature for you. And don’t forget, light is all around us, so even if your windows aren’t receiving direct light, they’re still letting in heat, which window film will help deflect.

How Much Does Window Film Help?

 Trust us, you’ll see a difference in your energy bill almost immediately, though the length of time it takes for a complete payback varies according to temperature, sunlight exposure, type of glass, cost of fuel, and a number of other variables. However, we often see paybacks in the 2-5 year range, and when you consider that our residential film has a lifetime warranty, you’re likely to see even greater returns!
If you’d like us to analyze your potential energy savings, we’d love to consult with you! Give us a call at Brower Tinting & Graphics!

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