Can You Remove Window Film Yourself?

First of all, when you choose to install window film with us, we offer the kind of service that means you probably won’t be needing to remove it anytime soon. Our 3M film won’t bubble, peel, crack or craze, and most of our films are also insured against any discoloration. Our window film installation process is meticulous, professional, and always done by experts with over 10 years of experience. We offer a lifetime warranty for residential tinting, and a 10 year warranty for commercial tinting. If you’re a Brower Tinting and Graphics customer, the odds are slim that you’ll ever want or need to remove your window film yourself.

However, we are the window film experts, and we’re happy to give you some advice! If you recently moved into a home with existing window film you’d like to remove, or if perhaps your old un-warrantied window film is starting to look rough, you can remove it yourself! Here’s how:

Water-Activated Adhesives

Many window films are water-activated, and when you remove the clear protective liner from one side of the film, you won’t feel any kind of adhesive. These are most common for residential flat-window tinting. To remove a water-activated adhesive, you just need to soak the film with soapy water for 2-3 hours. Cover the window with plastic to hold the water against the film, and when it’s ready the film should slide right off.

Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

Pressure sensitive adhesives are also known as “sticky adhesives,” and are sticky to the touch on one side when you remove the clear protective liner. These are much more difficult to remove because the sticky adhesive forms a chemical bond with the glass, and removing a pressure sensitive adhesive will involve soaking and extensive scraping. You may want to contact a professional to help you remove a sticky adhesive so that you don’t damage the glass of your window during scraping.

Are you removing window film in order to replace it?

If so, stop what you’re doing! If you call us for your window film installation, we’re happy to remove any old film to make way for the new! Removing window film can be a DIY project, but there’s no sense in spending all that time, money, and effort if your new installer can do it! Give us a call today!


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