How to Save Money and Reduce Heat This Summer

If you’ve been in Seattle for very long, you know that the city’s image of grey skies and constant rain subsides in the summer months. Windows are thrown open during the nighttime hours to keep things cool, closed again during the day, and Alki Beach resembles Malibu. But if you want to beat the heat indoors this summer, there’s an easy way to reduce the strain on your air conditioner and keep things cool: window film!

Heat-reducing properties come standard with most types of window film. Due to the heat control capabilities of all 3M window films, whatever selection you make will make a noticeable impact on both your energy bill and the internal temperature of the room.

For maximum heat reduction in commercial buildings, reflective window films can reject up to 79 percent of all incoming solar energy. Of course, results vary based on the type of windows you have, but adding window film to any glass surface adds a natural layer of protection against damage, shattering, and UV light.

Solar Control window films also keep energy from escaping through your windows, which will add another layer of savings to the mix. Energy loss is a big factor in energy consumption, as your climate control system must struggle to make up for lost energy.

A few additional tips to cool down and save energy in the summer include:


Unplug the TV and video game consoles and go outside! There are a ton of great tools and gadgets that can reduce your energy consumption when electronics aren’t in use, but if you’re using a power strip definitely hit that “off” switch when you’re not using your devices.

Dig Out the Crock Pot

Nobody wants to cook indoors when it’s nice out. Smaller electronic ovens are a good investment if you want to keep your kitchen cool and still enjoy a hot meal. Invest in a larger one and let it cook on the patio or deck to really beat the heat.

Routinely Replace Air Filters

It’s a no-brainer that with increased use of your air conditioning, the more junk it’ll kick up. That’s why it’s important to replace your air filters at least once per month during heavy usage. It’ll ensure that clean, cool air is introduced into your home and the air quality won’t be compromised.

Open Things Up at Night

Even if you’re in a noisier neighborhood, you’ll want to throw the windows open during the night. Keeping things stuffy will reduce your air quality and trap heat, so keeping air moving with fans is key to circulating clean air, but be sure to close everything up again early in the morning.

Seal Your Windows and Doors

The best way to reduce energy loss through your windows is to apply a layer of solar control window film. Thermal window panes can only do so much, but adding window film to your existing glass (yes, even a single pane window) can reduce your energy loss by as much as 30 percent!

To prevent your windows from losing your precious cool air and adding strain to your air conditioner, give Brower Tinting and Graphics a call. We’ll assess your windows and help you determine which solution is best for your home, helping you save money over a long period of time. Contact us today!

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