Seattleites: Don’t Forget that UV Rays Penetrate Cloud Cover!

Have you ever gotten a sunburn on a cloudy day? If you live in Seattle, you probably have!

We experience a lot of cloud cover here in the Pacific Northwest. In fact, we’re the cloudiest city in the US! Seattle experiences an average of 226 days of heavy cloud cover (where clouds cover more than three-quarters of the sky) every year, or 62 percent of our total days! In terms of partial cloud cover, we’re only 2nd in the nation, but still have a whopping 308 cloudy days a year, or 85 percent of the time.

With all those clouds, you might be wondering what the point of getting window film could possibly be. Well, the primary reason most people get window film is to block the UV rays that damage their floors, furniture, and fabrics, not to mention the potentially dangerous or aging radiation entering your home, and 80 percent of UVs can still penetrate the clouds. And considering that most of our cloudy days are during the winter, those UV rays will be in even higher concentration if there is snow on the ground for them to reflect off.

If you think that because we’re now entering fall you don’t need window film, think again! You want to prevent UV rays from entering your home or office for many reasons, and the cloud cover won’t help you!

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