Why Seattle’s Biggest Companies are Tinting their Windows

It’s hard to drive downtown or in South Lake Union and not notice the beautiful shades of deep sea blue that adorn office windows around town. But the appearance of these office buildings is only one reason why Seattle’s biggest companies are tinting the windows of their buildings. We’ve worked with companies like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Nordstrom and even the Space Needle and here’s what they’ve told us about their decision to purchase window film:

Productivity Improvements

Harmful UV rays can harm office furniture, carpets, and most importantly, the health of employees. Direct exposure to sunlight is harmful to skin but also has productivity issues associated with it. Workers become fatigued and too hot, making their work environment uncomfortable and cause frustration. Installing window tinting films has proven to be an effective solution to poor environmental conditions in the workplace.

Safeguards Against Property Damage/Vandalism

A little known fact about window films is that it adds a protective barrier that can easily and cheaply be replaced in the event of vandalism or damage to the exterior of the building. With companies that have high-foot traffic and street-level entrances, it’s imperative to protect your brand, your customers, and your employees with an extra layer of protection from rowdy passersby and random acts of vandalism.

Customized Appearance

With standardized branding and appearance requirements in large corporations, it’s important to maintain a cohesive look throughout the corporate environment. Custom window films can be used to create large-scale window graphics that show off a company’s individualism and creativity. We can also provide window tints that color match to your specifications and provide a truly unique and professional appearance.

With clients like ours, why settle for any other window film company? Contact Brower Tinting and Graphics today to find out how we can take our elite-level service and apply it to your business’ needs – big or small!

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