Seattle’s Hottest Summer: Cool Off With Window Film!

If you feel like this summer has been a lot hotter than last year, or maybe any year, it’s not just your imagination—Seattle had a record-breaking June in terms of temperature.

The average high temperature for June was 78.9 degrees, which completely smashes the previous record of 75.8 degrees, which was set in 1992. As Komo News said when they reported the new high, “For perspective, it’s like taking the previous hottest June, and adding an extra 93 degrees to spread around the 30 days.” The highest average temperature was also set this year at 67.7 degrees—again, a lot higher than the 1992 average of 64.9. And the typical June average is 60.9, so this June has really been sweltering.

If you’re feeling the heat wave inside your home, maybe now is a good time to install window film. Here at Brower, we offer films that will not only protect your home from the damaging UV rays that cause fading, but films that also offer solar control. The sun’s rays and heat waves will hit the window and be reflected back by the reflective particles in the film, keeping your house cooler in the summer.

How can you determine the heat reducing capacity of any given window film? We’ve made it easy for you—window films are rated with a Shading Coefficient (SC), which is defined by the ratio of BTU’s (heat) coming through the filmed glass as compared to the BTU’s coming through the glass without film. The lower the number, the better the heat reduction.

Some window film dealers use what’s called the Total Solar Energy Rejected, which measures the energy reduced over the entire solar spectrum. Because this is measuring a lot more than just heat, these numbers are inflated and inaccurate. At Brower, we’ll never rate our films using the Total Solar Energy Rejected, but instead only use the fairer and more helpful measurement of the Shading Coefficient. If you’re shopping around for window film to curb this summer’s spiking temperatures, don’t get fooled by some other dealer’s measurement system! We’re happy to tell you more about the advantages of window film for solar control, so give us a call!

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