Security Window Film: How It Protects Your People and Business

As we’ve covered before, improving the protection of your home and business from intruders, vandalism, and natural disasters is as simple as adding a protective layer of security window film to your glass.

Depending on your requirements, different levels of protection may be necessary. For basic protection against graffiti and vandalism, a layer of safety film is an ideal solution. In addition to protecting your glass against scratches, chips, and surface-level damage, a layer of window film also guards against break-ins, UV radiation, and material fading.

Thicker, more durable security films in the 4 mil to 10 mil range are capable of providing protection against much more violent and extreme occurrences, such as burglaries, bombings, and natural disasters. They provide a much better chance of preventing shattering during impacts and as such, are required to pass testing for impact ratings before earning a safety or security film designation.

For organizations with street-level operations, we advise you invest in at least a basic level of window film to protect your glass against break ins, vandalism, and accidental impacts. Government agencies and offices should consider impact protection window film systems with either an adhesive or profile application option for maximum security and effectiveness.

To learn more about how window film can protect your business and your valuable assets, contact Brower Tinting and Graphics. Our team has installed industry-leading window film from top manufacturers for organizations all over the Seattle area and we offer best-in-class service and support. Give us a call today or use the contact form to tell us more about your project.

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