Why You Shouldn’t Perform Window Tinting Yourself

Tinting your home’s windows is becoming increasingly common, but as with every home improvement project there’s a proper way to go about it and a wrong way. Sure, there are many do-it-yourself methods of applying window tint, but the chances of mistakes, improper application methods, or shoddy materials make a professional job look more and more worthwhile. Here’s why you shouldn’t perform window tinting yourself:


Our partnership with 3M allows us to extend a limited lifetime warranty on all residential window films and 10 years on commercial buildings. More information on our warranties is available here.

Quality Application

With the proper training and equipment, a window tinting job can be invisible to an untrained eye. The need to apply the film evenly and expertly is a matter of maintaining a consistent appearance and keeping dirt and air bubbles out from underneath the film.

Better Materials and Tools

Unless you’ve got a hobby of applying window film (and who doesn’t), you probably don’t have the right tools of the trade to make your window film application look and perform great. Our experience and expertise means we have the right equipment and top of the line window film on hand and ready to go.

Save Yourself Time

Even if you do invest in some tools and window film on your own, it’s going to take some time to get your technique down. Let us handle the project and spare you headaches and frustration – use your downtime for something other than doing chores!

Professional Grade Appearance

Take a look at our gallery – think you can compete with that? We pride ourselves on creating beautiful, creative, and tasteful window displays and tints. A DIY job will cost less, sure, but it’ll also look like a DIY job. Your windows are the first things that people notice on homes and buildings – why not make a great first impression?

Contact the professionals at Brower Tinting and Graphics and get your window tinting project done in no time.

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