Some Unexpected Uses of Window Film

If you’re familiar with our work, you probably know about Brower Tinting and Graphics’ high-quality window film products. But there are several ways to use window film that you may not be aware of, so we thought we’d share a few ideas that you might not have considered!

On-Glass Signs


A perfect way to add a subtle and distinctive look to your storefront or office windows (or glass doors), using one of our decorative films to designate your company name can be a low-impact and effective way to stand out amongst the crowd. We can incorporate your existing designs to match your product or company branding and can even offer custom graphics design services to freshen up a dated look. Interior signage is possible, too! Putting window tint logos or names for individual offices can maintain a sleek, consistent look throughout your interior.

Decorative Tints as Dividers


Add a stained-glass look to the interior of a church or sanctuary, or add an extra touch to a greenhouse with a frosted leaf design, or separate an office daycare from the workspace with colorful shapes! Ours is a creative field, so any ideas you have to spice up your windows can very likely be accomplished! Our team of designers has a great time coming up with everything to subtle, contemporary designs to wild and wacky window films!

Colored Exterior Windows


Guess what’s generally cheaper and easier to swap out than colored lights? Colored window films! Want to add a cool blue to your seafood restaurant? Easy! How about a blood orange tint for a hotel lobby? We can do that! Adding a colorful twist on your decorative or accent windows is a great way to stay in the thoughts your customers, guests, and clients and really make a big impact.

Check out our gallery, which shows off our work and should give you a pretty good idea of our capabilities. Once you’ve dreamt up your ideal window film application, contact Brower Tinting and Graphics to discuss your ideas and test the limits of our imagination!


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