Water, Leaks, and Seattle Rain: Not a Problem for Window Film

Have you heard the big news? Seattle just had its rainiest rainy season in history. From December through February, we had 22.97 inches of rain, breaking the previous 22.77 inch record set in 1998-99. The rains aren’t letting up through March, and though that means warmer temperatures than usual, it also means a whole lot more water.

If you’ve recently gotten window film or you’re considering having it installed, you might be a little concerned about how all that water will effect your new film. If you know how window film is applied, you probably know that most window films are applied using water. Though the adhesives aren’t exactly water-activated, the water helps us move the film into the perfect position on your window and then seal it using a squeegee. Any remaining water will dry out over a few days. If water gets under the film, will the adhesive become mobile again and unstick?

The answer: No!

Good news for home and business owners: window film should hold up just fine in the rain, especially window film that is is interior. If you have older windows that have drafts around the panes and moisture is leaking into your home, you’re probably going to have other problems before your window film ever starts to peel. For outdoor window film, we typically apply the same clear caulking we use in showers or bathroom windows to protect the seal. A few rainy days in a row might keep brand new window film from curing (i.e. drying) as quickly, but your window film will still be–pardon the pun–right as rain.

Any other window film questions? Call us at Brower Tinting and Graphics! Our experts would love to address any concerns or curiosities you may have.  

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