What Causes Furniture Fading?

There are lots of misconceptions about what causes furniture fading, and that’s probably because many people hear different things about the actual damage caused by solar heat and radiation. Fading is the change in color over time in furniture upholstery, wood, art and paintings, and other items.

So, what actually causes furniture to fade?


Testing and science have shown that – contrary to common understanding – ultraviolet light only makes up about 40 percent of the cause of furniture fading. This is the most harmful part of sunlight, and it certainly speeds along the fading process. One of the most notable benefits of the 3M window film we install is that it reduces up to 99 percent of ultraviolet light. If only UV light was the only cause of furniture fading!


In addition to UV rays, visible light (such as the rays of sunlight you see on a sunny day) makes up about 25 percent of the cause of fading. Window film with darker tinting can help to reflect and/or block some of the visible light that is fading your furniture.


Solar heat – the warm sun that you feel – also causes furniture to fade. It makes up another 25 percent of the cause. Brower’s window tinting solutions can provide some heat rejection benefits to reduce this cause of furniture fading.


While window film can reduce and slow down fading with all of the above causes, it – unfortunately – has no effect on the remaining 10 percent of the cause of fading. Some factors making up this 10 percent include interior lighting, humidity, pollutants, and the stability and quality of the dyes and your furniture, itself.

While no window films or any other window tinting or covering can completely stop fading, we install 3M films that significantly reduce the major causes of fading. After installation, you can expect your window film to reflect and absorb solar light, heat and radiation to extend the life of your furniture and décor as much as two to five times! The other factors involved in facing, which we mentioned earlier, do still play a part, but good-quality items will last longer with filmed windows than with unprotected ones.

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