What Defines Safety Film?

What Defines Safety Film?

Window film doesn’t only keep you safe from harmful UV rays, it can also protect you from impact blows!

You’ve probably heard about how some of our window films are rated as “security film” and can be used to prevent extreme window damage, such as from vandalism, earthquakes, or explosions. But there’s also a middle level, called “safety film,” that can combine some of the protection of security film with some of the advantages of regular window film, like reducing emissivity or UV rays.

How Do You Determine What Qualifies as “Safety Film?”

All our window films protect your windows to an extent, because by coating glass with any layer of plastic you’re decreasing its propensity to shatter. But some films are more effective than others. The way we classify our films is by impact testing, usually the simple “ball drop” test.

For the ball drop test, we begin by dropping a 150 lb. spherical weight onto a pane of glass with a film sample applied. We drop the ball several times, and if the sample does not crack or shatter, it’s consider “safety film.” This means that it can withstand most accidental impacts, especially from wind-borne debris. If you live in an area with high winds, frequent hail storms, or maybe you’re near a baseball field, we recommend choosing a safety film. Many of our 2 mil films and all of our 4 mil films will pass the 150 lb. test,, and you can enjoy both the safety of shatter-resistant windows and the benefits of window tinting like decreased exposure to UV rays.

If a film passes the 150 lb. test, we move onto the 400 lb. test, and if it passes that it’s considered “security film.” Security film is extremely strong and thick, and will keep your glass safe in riots or natural disasters. It’s usually employed in commercial settings, especially on display windows that burglars might be tempted to smash, and often does not come with tinting options.

If you want to protect your glass from impacts of varying levels, come into Brower Tinting & Graphics, were you know we’ve thoroughly tested and proven our films’ ability to withstand impact of all sorts!

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