What Effect Window Tinting has on Your Energy Costs

Home energy costs and efficiency are some of the most talked-about improvements for homeowners. This is particularly true in the Greater Seattle Area, where homeowners care about minimizing their carbon footprint as well as lowering their monthly energy bill.

Window tinting can have a big effect – not just on lowering your energy costs, but also on reducing the solar damage to your home and belongings. Brower Tinting & Graphics installs quality 3M tinting to reduce the heat, glare and UV rays generated from the sun. The window films either reflect or absorb these solar assailants and improve the insulation of your windows to prevent cold or heat from escaping your home.

By installing a thin, clear, near-invisible window film on your windows, Brower Tinting & Graphics can significantly reduce the heat entering your home in the summer and leaving your home in the winter. This will cut exertion your HVAC system has to use to heat the house in winter, or keep it cool in summer.

In general, energy-efficient window films will dramatically reduce heat loss through your windows – no matter how large or how many there are. For instance, 3M’s LE35AMARL Medium Amber window film installed on single-pane glass will reduce the energy lost through your windows by approximately 30 percent (lowers the U-Value of the glass from 1.06 to 0.74). And window film installation is much cheaper than replacing that single-pane window with a double-paned one!

On more energy-efficient windows, the improvement may be smaller (since the windows themselves are already better insulated against energy loss), but the improvement is still 15 – 20 percent.

The optimal window films for reducing energy costs are the 3M Solar Control All Season “Low E” films. These are specially designed to insulate your home from external temperatures getting in and interior energy escaping to save you money all year! In addition, 3M Solar Control Plus “Low E” film is another type of window film that can reduce heat loss substantially.

Over time, with energy-efficient window films installed on your home’s windows, you can expect to see a payoff from your reduced energy bills in 2-5 years. Of course, the payback varies based on the glass’ exposure to sun, the type of film you purchase, the cost of your home’s heating/cooling fuel, etc.

Interested? A Brower Tinting & Graphics professional would be happy to visit your home and provide a free quote for the window tinting installation, as well as an analysis of your potential energy savings. Contact us to schedule an appointment!

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  1. I like that my tinted windows really keep the heat out during the summer. My home doesn't get quite as hot anymore. I haven't had to run my AC so much, and it has really helped me save a bunch of money on my energy bill!

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