What Type of Window Film is Best for Your Office Building?

Those shiny new office buildings popping up all over Seattle don’t get their beautiful mirrored appearance by accident. In order to offset the effects of glare, UV radiation, and the dreaded fishbowl effect, businesses all over town are investing in commercial window film as an energy-efficient way to beautify their facilities and improve comfort in the workplace. But not all window films are alike, so if you’re confused as to your options, consider these popular window film varieties among business owners

Sun Control Window Film

Keeping your office space comfortable should be a priority, but one that always comes after energy-efficiency and cost considerations. Fortunately, solar control window film from 3M is the best way to prevent solar heat gain from window panes during hot summer months and reducing heat loss through windows during the winter. Applying a layer of window film can reduce your energy costs by as much as 30% annually and provide opportunities for energy-saving tax deductions and rebates.

Security Window Film

Security and safety window films provide varying degrees of protection against shattering, break-ins, vandalism, extreme weather conditions, and force. For companies that have office space at street level, this is the best investment you can make to protect your windows for years to come.

Frosted and Decorative Window Film

If your new office is a little too transparent and open for your tastes, a layer of frosted window film is a great way to maintain interior light levels while improving privacy between offices, meeting rooms, or street-facing areas.

For more information on choosing the best style of window film for your budget and aesthetic preferences, contact the market leader in Seattle window film installations for the last 30+ years – Brower Tint and Graphics!

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