Why Utility Companies Love Window Film

As climate troubles persist and much of the nation’s western states continue to recover from last summer’s devastating drought, utility companies and state and local governments are investigating methods of better utilizing generated energy and preventing needless energy loss in both residential and commercial buildings.

According to the International Window Film Association, utilities and government energy authorities both recommend window film as an effective method of reducing energy demand and saving money. With hydroelectric production in some states plunging as much as 60 percent since 2011, it’s critical to preserve as much generated energy as possible.

When placed on panes of glass, window film can cut cooling costs as much as 30 percent, negating around 80 percent of solar heat gain transmitted through windows. Even with energy-efficient glass, maximum energy preservation can only be accomplished with a layer of window film, which costs about one-tenth of replacement windows.

Protection from UV radiation and glare reduction are also big selling points for window film without dramatically reducing the amount of visible light within a room.

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