Wi-Fi Window Film – The Future of the Industry?

Here’s something we stumbled across recently: Wi-Fi window film!

Better suited in a sci-fi dystopia novel than in the typical American home of 2015, SONTE’s window films are Wi-Fi enabled. They’re a startup in Northern California and their product can apparently change opacity with the touch of your smartphone.

Sound too good to be true to you? Us too, although the concept is potentially really cool. The potential use of their films in bathrooms could allow as much light as you want when you want it and change the window’s opacity with your need for extra privacy.

SONTE is a product of Kickstarter success, having raised over $200,000 on the crowd-funding site. Even if they don’t succeed in the window film business as a supplier or manufacturer, they’ve certain caught our attention and could signal some tech-centric shake-ups in the marketplace going forward.

Regardless, it’s a fun concept and we’re looking forward to seeing its practical applications for ourselves!

In the meantime, if your window film needs are a little more down-to-earth and reasonable, you can contact Brower Tinting and Graphics about traditional window film for your non-dystopian household. Our 3M films are tested, proven, and strictly offline, so you don’t have to worry about your window film getting hacked by a rogue AI.

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