How Window Film Can Add Life to Your Old Windows

Are your windows looking ratty? Worried about their capabilities during the coming winter months? There’s a way to breathe new life into your windows without committing to the high cost of replacement: window film! Adding a layer of 3M window film from Brower Tinting and Graphics can extend the life of your windows among other benefits, such as:

Energy Efficiency

That’s right! Our 3M Solar Control Plus window film can dramatically reduce the amount of heat that escapes through your windows. Compared to the performance of regular glass, window film can reduce BTUs lost by 30%, which means that you are saving a lot of money on your heating bill. Lower window efficiency means your heating system has to work harder to replace the lost air, so even the smallest amount of heat loss reduction can help your bottom line.


If your windows are looking discolored or simply boring, you can spice things up with custom graphics, colors, or even a mirrored film! It’s a perfect method of frosting a bathroom window, separating a home office from the rest of the house, or adding a great effect to a large picture window.


Installing solar film to your window adds an extra benefit – since you’re basically gluing a layer of plastic to your glass, it’ll reduce shatter and protect against injury in the event of broken glass. Security films are different. They’re thicker and stronger than safety films and can protect against burglary and terrorist bombings.


An added benefit to mirrored or tinted window films is privacy – if you have large, front or street-facing windows and are experiencing the “fishbowl” effect, you may want to consider getting a privacy film. They won’t reduce light coming into the home in any noticeable way and the view from outside will be reflected. You can choose a window film that has various levels of reflection, so if you want the full on mirrored effect, that’s possible too!

Don’t look out your windows all winter and despair. Call Brower Tinting and Graphics today to discuss how we can add some life to your old windows!

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  1. I like how you said, "'ll reduce shatter and protect against injury in the event of broken glass". This is especially important to me. I have little kids and I want them to be safe. Also, I don't want to have to clean up a mess. How much does window tint cost?
  2. It is really interesting that this type of thing makes buildings look more polished. Now that I think of it, it is also helpful that less of the mess inside is visible! I think that this would be a great way to make my windows more energy efficient and more aesthetically pleasing. Thank you for the helpful information!
  3. This is exactly what we tell all of our customer. Not too many people know ho much of a difference window tinting actually makes. They think it is just for looks, but no its not.
  4. I think just the fact that the windows that have tint on them are energy sufficent is enough for me. I know that my family tinted our windows, because the sun was damaging our furniture through the windows. I also love the dark color at night.

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