Window Film for Reactive Dogs

One application for window film that few people consider is using it as a tool to calm reactive dogs. Many owners have dogs that bark at people, cars, or animals that pass by the window, often jumping, howling, or clawing at the site of moving outdoor objects. Our opaque window film is a perfect solution or obscuring your excitable pet’s view while preserving the value of your home and the quality of your natural light.

Installing opaque window film will benefit a number of groups—firstly, of course, being your dogs. Have you ever thought about why they are barking? Often times, your dogs bark not out of hostility but out of fear. They consider the mailmen, visitors, joggers, cyclists, and even neighborhood birds threats to their safety, and they bark to scare them away. (And as far as they can tell, it works! None of those bad guys they bark at ever stick around.) Your dog may seem like it’s having a little playful fun and interacting with the outside world, but he might actually be suffering from anxiety. Give your pups a little peace and calm by eliminating their source of fear.

It’s also going to benefit those people outside. Nothing disrupts your morning walk like a snapping, angry dog, and even though the volume might not be a problem from behind glass, barking dogs detract from the atmosphere of the entire neighborhood. It also makes your house specifically feel uninviting to both friends and strangers, however friendly and sweet your dogs may be up close and in person.

Of course, the person who might be most grateful for the window film is YOU. No one likes listening to their dogs bark and howl all day at nothing, especially if you have an unusual sleep schedule, you’re prone to headaches, or maybe you have a new baby in the house. And you’ll be happy to know that your dogs are at ease when you’re not home. Plus you’ll still enjoy the same natural light as before, but without worrying your lunging dog might break the glass one of these days.

Here at Brower, we can help you choose and install one of our decorative frosted window films to block the view of your dogs. We recommend applying it only to the lower half of your windows, which is plenty for your dogs but will still offer human occupants a view of the outdoors. Call us today!


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