Window Film Make-Overs: Window Film’s Aesthetic Appeal

Did you know that window film not only protects the inside of your home from fading and heat, but it also makes it look better from the outside? It’s true!

Though we usually focus on the scientific benefits of window film in our blog, we think it’s worth mentioning that it will also increase your street appeal. Have you ever seen a home or business before and after it’s had window film applied? They look so much better after window film! Window film adds a reflective shine to your windows that reflects the sky, trees, or sunlight, while obscuring the inside of your home, for a truly impressive appearance.

For example, check out the “green makeover” of the ING Direct Building in Los Angeles, remodeled by the architectural firm Shubin & Donaldson, which employed films of different colors and densities to achieve a dazzling pattern that made the building both more energy efficient and much more impressive:

la building

Here’s another example from Washington DC, where the window film company Panorama installed window film that replaced the building’s drab, dated blinds, turning it from an eyesore into a building the fraternity could take pride in:

frat beforebrower22Here are a few examples of our work here at Brower. Look how much the darker, more reflective glass enhances the appearance of these buildings and homes!

UW Bothell 5-custom print by Brower

IMG_0329To have the windows of your building or home tinted, call us a Brower! We’re the best in the Pacific Northwest, and can help your building look even better, while also increasing efficiency and privacy!

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