Window Film: What It’s Made From

Window tinting can protect your belongings from harmful UV rays, reduce your energy costs, and even amplify the security of your home. But what is this useful stuff made from?

Nearly all window film is made from a kind of polyester, called Polyethylene Teraphthalate (PET). You have likely come in contact with PET before, since it is actually the same polymer used to make water bottles.

The polyester film is then coated with a scratch-resistant layer to protect your windows further. Sometimes, the film is metalized. This means that different types of metals are embedded in the polyester base to reflect and/or absorb solar heat and radiation.

Not all window film is the same – we actually offer a variety of 3M window films for our residential and commercial customers. To provide more safety or protection against solar heat and radiation, some films are constructed with several layers of the polyester film. While this sounds heavy, the layered film is still only a few millimeters thick.

The polyester window films come in a variety of shades, colors, and specializations to fit your needs for protecting your home. Whether your priorities lie in deterring window glass from breaking in the case of potential burglary, reducing or delaying the fading of your belongings and décor, or saving on energy costs, we have appropriate window films.

3M’s window films are made with patented formulas including additives to provide specific benefits for each window film product. For decades, 3M’s window films have led the window tinting industry for quality, effectiveness, and durability. This is why we maintain our exclusive dealership of 3M products – to provide our customers with the best window film products available.

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