Window Graphics for Creativity and Style

After more than 30 years as a leading provider of window film and tinting, we decided to expand into window graphics and design in 2001. We had noticed an increasing need and demand for interior graphics, and felt that this extension of our service offering would fill that need.

In 2012, we expanded our offering even further with the purchase of our Versa UV Hybrid Printer.  With this printer and now more than a decade of experience creating beautiful visuals for companies and individuals all over the Seattle area, Brower makes window graphics for creativity and style in your home or business.

Our options for creativity in window graphics is nearly limitless. We can create frosted films and window tinting to enhance privacy or textured ambiance in any space, and we can also print images and graphics in a myriad of colors and patterns. The width of the media is restricted to a maximum of 64 inches due to the size of the printer, but you can also have us apply graphics side-by-side to be much wider, if you wish.

With the Versa UV printer, we can print graphics on all kinds of media from films to cardboard and other lightweight boards. Additionally, Brower’s graphics team can print white to allow for more clarity, visibility, and light transfer – something most other graphics shops cannot offer.

Graphics from Brower can be used for vividly colored murals and window films for your interior, heavy-duty or thin wall signs for interior professional spaces, outdoor lawn signs, exterior and glass signage, and much more.

Window graphics for the home can add beauty and color to any room, from shower glass to colorful window films. And corporate offices and main street retail and service shops can take advantage of high-quality, uniquely branded signs and graphics to portray their business effectively to customers, clients and employees.

Contact us to learn more about our window graphics and get a free estimate on your project!

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