How to Protect Multi-Pane Windows from Damage

Airborne debris, natural disasters, and manmade damage is all possible if your windows aren’t protected. Whether you have single, double, or triple pane glass, its vulnerable to impact and damage if you don’t take preventative measures.

The best way to protect your glass against damage is by installing professional window film on the surface of the glass. Due to the nature of the process, the film actually acts like a layer of protective skin and can keep the sheet of glass together much better than a naked pane itself. This can prevent shattering in the event of an earthquake, windstorm, or break-in.

The heavier duty window film you install, the better protected your glass will be. Because of this, Brower Tinting and Graphics offers the 3M Scotchshield Ultra 400. It’s the only 4 mil film that passes the 400 lbs. ball drop impact test.

Films with greater thickness can withstand much stronger impacts like burglaries and bombings and are therefore used to protect glass in government buildings and high-security areas. Security films are available in 4 mil – 10 mil thicknesses, but are available up to 15 mil thicknesses.

For more information on how window film can protect your glass, contact Brower Tinting and Graphics today!

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