How to Choose the Right Window Graphic

Window and Glass Tinting

You’ve researched, found your perfect window graphic supplier, and are ready to get the ball rolling. You’re about to finalize some details with them when they throw you a curveball: How do you choose the right graphics? What if you need 100 different custom graphics? Do you have to supply them with all of your […]

The Benefits of Window Frosting in the Workplace

frosted window film in seattle area

The Benefits of Window Frosting in the Workplace A workplace can be a stressful environment for anyone. This is especially true in jobs where safety is critical, such as healthcare, first responders, or other roles where mistakes can have serious consequences. Even the most well-intentioned employee can benefit from some assistance in staying on task […]

5 Easy DIY Ways to Add Privacy With Window Frosting

5 Easy DIY Ways to Add Privacy With Window Frosting A large window that overlooks your backyard landscape gives a beautiful view. Most are crystal clear glass windows. Shades and blinds are a great way to cover up such windows. However, frosted glass offers similar obscurity for privacy without having to sacrifice natural light. The […]

Why Is Window Tint Important to Small Businesses

Why Is Window Tint Important to Small Businesses One of your main concerns is providing the best protection for your employees, customers, and office equipment as a business owner. You can achieve this by investing in security window films. Not only do security window films prevent distracting glare from entering the building at certain points […]

The Importance Of Window Tint

Window and Glass Tinting

The Importance Of Window Tint Window tinting is something that many property owners don’t regularly think about. Maybe they don’t see the reason to tint or don’t understand its benefits. The truth is that high-quality window tints can provide you with long-lasting functional benefits that protect you and your home. If you’re wondering what you’ll […]

How Window Tinting Can Save Money All Year Round

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With temperatures averaging at around 73 to 79 degrees Fahrenheit, there is no doubt that summers in Seattle can get pretty warm. The sun’s heat infiltrating your house through your windows will raise the indoor temperature through a process known as heat transfer, causing your air conditioning system to work harder in regulating your home’s […]

Common Myths About Home Window Tint

Commercial Window Tinting

Many different myths arise when it comes to window tinting. As a homeowner in these myths, you might reconsider your decision to hire a window tinting service. Well, it is time someone debunked these myths and gave you the facts about window tinting. When looking at window film and how to install window film, you […]

7 Things You Should Know Before Having Tinting Installed

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The residential window tinting business has come a long way from what it used to be. Today’s modern options are highly sophisticated, usually with numerous layers of protection inside a film only some millimeters thick. While most people will do it for curb appeal or privacy, there’s a lot more functionality behind the thin sheet […]