Winter Gardening Tip: Get Window Film for Your Greenhouse!

Now that the temperature’s dropped, most gardeners have hung up their trowels for the season. Unless you have a greenhouse, that is!

Greenhouse gardeners are able to keep a year-round growing season thanks to their carefully insulated and temperature-controlled environments. In today’s world, many greenhouses are made from materials other than glass, like polyvinyl chloride fabric structures, but if you’re still using the traditional (and considerably more beautiful!) glass greenhouse, you need to install window film to protect your plants! And yes, even in the winter!

How Does Window Film Help Plants in the Winter?

Window film helps your greenhouse plants during the winter by keeping the heat in. Our solar control window film helps reflect the heat back into the room, keeping what you pay for from escaping into the outdoors.

Window film is the perfect way of keeping a glass greenhouse warm all winter without an astronomical heating bill while still allowing light to come through and allowing your plants to thrive.

Will Window Film Help my Plants the Rest of the Year?

Yes! Window film has year-round benefits for greenhouses (and people houses!). In the summer while you’re trying to regulate a stable temperature inside your greenhouse you’ll also be to keep your cool air in, not to mention you’ll be blocking those harmful UV rays.

Interested in Window Film for Your Greenhouse?

Call us at Brower Tinting and Graphics! We’re the best in the Northwest for solar control window film, and we are happy to work on projects of any size, whether it’s a small residential greenhouse or a large commercial operation.

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