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Why install 3M Solar Control on your commercial building?

3M Solar Control will make your building less expensive to heat & cool…
Reduce heat gain in Summer & heat loss in the Winter. Your chillers work with less cycling on and off. Paybacks are often 2-5 years depending on film & glass types.Improve the comfort inside your building… Reduce hot & cold spots in the building. Reduce glare on computer screens. Tenants can enjoy the windows without closing the blinds. This adds up to happy tenants & fewer complaints for property managers. Improve the safety & security of your building…Scotchshield “Ultra” Safety & Security film is mil for mil the strongest security film available. It is tougher to get through for would be burglars. It provides excellent protection from natural disasters, such as earthquakes & hurricanes, and terrorism like bomb blasts. Scotchshield flexes & stretches to absorb the energy.

Add the Ultraflex Attachment System for the added strength of sealing the film to the frame.

Enhance the value & appearance of your building…

Disguise the clutter & disarray of half-drawn drapes & blinds, non-uniform furniture placement, and uneven lighting. Eliminate the unsightly look of carboard taped up all over your building for glare reduction.

Make your building look better & more energy efficient…all that with a product that will actually pay for itself. It doesn’t get much better than that!