Specialty Films

Brower speciality films

Beyond everyday tinting and graphics, we also offer a number of specialty services. From anti-graffiti films, to environmentally friendly solutions, to a number of functional and aesthetically pleasing solutions, our specialty films have a lot to offer. These solutions will make your space aesthetically pleasing and add to the look of your space. 

These films are also environmentally friendly, and easy to apply.
Here are a few ways Brower Tint and Graphics can become your solution.

DI-NOC Films

From matching the softness of wood grain finishes, to making your sleek metal finishes pop, Di-NOC films are a great option. With 500 color and texture options, you can match your current look or to create something totally new. These are a great option if you’re hoping to add a natural looking feel to your space, or match themes within your space in color and texture. Whether you’re renovating your space or building something completely new, contact us today to see how Di-NOC films can benefit your space.

DI-NOC Architectural Films are decorative surface finishing films that are available in a variety of designs at a fraction of the cost of replacing wood or metal panels.

DI-NOC designs offer the warmth of wood grains as well as the sleek feel of metal. Specify them and you won’t think faux, you’ll think fantastic!

DI-NOC Architectural Films are lightweight, self adhering and can be applied on site to the existing substrate, reducing labor and material cost compared to natural materials. With DI-NOC™ products, you create a whole new look, but not at the expense of aesthetics, thanks to its uncanny resemblance to natural materials. Use this product for both renovations or new construction.

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