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Our specialty films have a lot to offer, from anti-graffiti films to environmentally friendly solutions to many functional and aesthetically pleasing solutions. Beyond everyday tinting and graphics, we also offer several specialty services. These solutions will make your space aesthetically pleasing and add to the look of your space. 

These films are also environmentally friendly and easy to apply.

Here are a few ways Brower Tinting and Graphics can become your solution.

DI-NOC Films

From matching the softness of wood grain finishes to making your sleek metal finishes pop, Di-NOC films are a great option. You can compare your current look with 500 color and texture options or create something new. These are a great option if you’re hoping to add a natural-looking feel to your space or match themes within your space in color and texture.

Whether you’re renovating your space or building something completely new, contact us today to see how Di-NOC films can benefit your space.

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DI-NOC Architectural Films are decorative surface finishing films available in various designs at a fraction of the cost of replacing wood or metal panels.

DI-NOC designs offer the warmth of wood grains and the sleek feel of metal. Specify them, and you won’t think faux; you’ll think fantastic!

With DI-NOC™ products, you create a whole new look, but not at the expense of aesthetics, thanks to its uncanny resemblance to natural materials. DI-NOC Architectural Films are lightweight, self-adhering, and can be applied on-site to the existing substrate, reducing labor and material cost compared to natural materials. Use this product for both renovations and new construction.

Now that we have discussed these films, let us learn about other specialty films that can benefit your property. We will briefly conduct a simple overview of anti-graffiti films and how they can work out well for your growing company or local business.

What Are The Benefits Of Anti-Graffiti Films? 

An Anti-Graffiti Film is a protective covering applied to the outer layer of a glass surface to prevent it from defacing. A vandal would only scribble or paint on the anti-graffiti film instead of the exact glass surface.

It is more efficient and effective when appealing to various customers in the market. You want to minimize issues and get your company in top shape.

If you are looking to learn more about the quality of these films, read on at your convenience.

Specialty Film

Benefits Of Anti-Gravity Films 

These are the different benefits of using the right specialty film type within your property.

Protects glass surfaces

Anti-graffiti films are designed to serve as barriers between a vandal and your glass surfaces. Most of these films come in transparent forms that cover the glass surface completely. So, it’s hard to tell the difference between a glass surface and an anti-graffiti covering. 

Anti-graffiti films serve as a coating that absorbs whatever is spread on the surface and protects the actual surface from any damage.

Saves clean-up cost

Graffiti is sometimes done with permanent paints or markers. Erasing these off with chemical solvents and other effective cleaning materials may have serious cost implications. 

The bad part is that these solvents are not guaranteed to remove the stains altogether. So, opting for an anti-graffiti film is a better option in the short and long run.

Preserves tinted glasses

Tinted glasses are more expensive than the regular types. A graffiti attack on it might ruin its value and aesthetics. For this reason, investing in an anti-graffiti film helps preserve the surfaces of these high-quality glasses from deliberate sabotage.

Highly affordable

Monitoring your space with CCTV cameras or motion sensors and engaging security personnel will cost a fortune. It is not to discourage the use of these security measures in any way. The point is, where there is no need for such security measures, an anti-graffiti film will do just fine. It’s a win-win! You’d save more while you protect what’s yours.

Easy removal of tough stains

Anti-graffiti films are quite functional. Whatever markup is done on the surface is done on the anti-graffiti film. To get rid of these stains, you only have to peel off the covering and install a fresh one. That way, the graffiti would be gone without any stain left on your glass surface.

Anti-Graffiti Window Film

Prevents future worries over graffiti attacks

With an Anti-Graffiti film applied to your glass surfaces, you need not fear subsequent graffiti attacks. That is because you are one step ahead of the vandals. So, by procuring these protective covers, you’re protecting your mental health, too, in a subtle way.


Investing in an anti-graffiti film is the best move you can make to deter a graffiti attack on your property. That is certainly your best bet! Enjoy the effectiveness of these films for the best protection of your surfaces from all sorts of vandals.

Anti-Graffiti Window Film

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