The Importance Of Window Tint

The Importance Of Window Tint

Window tinting is something that many property owners don’t regularly think about. Maybe they don’t see the reason to tint or don’t understand its benefits. The truth is that high-quality window tints can provide you with long-lasting functional benefits that protect you and your home. If you’re wondering what you’ll gain by having your window glass tinted in Seattle, read on to learn the benefits of window tinting.

Blocks Prying Eyes

Home window tinting is an inexpensive way to maintain privacy. We’re all uncomfortable with people prying into our private spaces. Whether it’s children playing or strangers peeking at you, tinted windows help block people on the outside from prying to see who’s inside your home. Tinted home windows can be great if you have valuables or don’t want others to notice you. You can rest easy knowing that prying eyes won’t see what’s inside your living room and other areas around the home when you’re away.

Like car window tinting, the residential tinted glass comes in a range of shading to provide you with the level of privacy you and your family need.

Window and Glass Tinting

Offers Shattered Glass Protection

Window tinting also adds a layer of protection to your home’s window. Tint film helps prevent glass windows from shattering by flying rocks, hailstones, or other objects that can dent your home windows. In case a window breaks, the window film’s adhesive protects you and your loved ones from personal injury. The film also stops flying glass shards from damaging your interior by holding the broken pieces of glass together. If something smashes your glass, you’ll be glad to have tinted the windows.

Keeps Your Home Cooler

If you’ve struggled to find the right level of air conditioning for your home, window tinting can be the final piece of the puzzle. Home and commercial window film can block 35-65% of solar heat from infrared light and ultraviolet light that usually builds up on the inside of your property. By blocking out these rays, window film makes your interior cooler. With window tint, you won’t also need to wait for your home to cool off so you can relax indoors. Best of all, you won’t need to run your AC when the atmosphere outside becomes hot and humid. You can also balance the climate inside your home, so everyone feels comfortable, saving energy.

Better Security

Home window tinting is a useful burglary and theft prevention strategy that deters thieves who target valuables inside buildings. Tinting film darkens the glass windows, and in some cases, makes it impossible for anyone outside to see what’s inside your home. If your windows are tinted, thieves may be less interested in breaking into your home as its content are less visible.

 Burglars may also be less motivated to break into your property because of the window film. Remember, thieves want easy targets and know what they can get from home before breaking in. If they can’t make out the stuff inside, they wander off or look for an easier target elsewhere.

anti-theft security film

Blocks Harmful UV Rays

While sunlight helps rejuvenate us in the morning, too much of it can harm your home’s interior. Excess heat and harmful ultraviolet rays(UV) can cause your upholstery to fade and heat-sensitive materials to crack. Tinting helps keep out these harmful rays and protects your interior while ensuring your skin stays protected on sunny days. Dyed window films can block out 5% to 50% of the harmful sun rays. You won’t likely suffer sun allergies or have sensitive skin with such tinted windows.

Beautiful Home

Tinting can make your home more appealing to potential buyers and result in a better resale price. Besides blocking the sun’s UV rays and holding broken glass pieces, home window tints can enhance your property’s appearance. Tinted windows will give your home a sleek, polished look. A bonus of tinting is that your home or commercial property is likely to have a greater resale value. Potential customers prefer homes and buildings that are in great shape.

Reduce Sun Glare

Glare from the sun can significantly affect comfort and productivity levels indoors. As well as being irritating, glare may blow your views completely, meaning you won’t be able to work at an optimum. Fortunately, window tint helps reduce blinding glare that comes through at certain times in the day and obscures your computer screen or TV.

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Low Maintenance

The window tint is water-resistant and comes with a scratch-proof coating. Your windows won’t amass water spots or fingerprints that regularly require cleaning due to these features. The result is you will work less to keep your windows clean, and your windows will remain beautiful. Keep in mind that window tint films have various properties. Find out from your installer how often you should clean your type of film.

Eager to Have Tinted Windows? Get in Touch for Home Window Tinting in Seattle, WA

Tinting windows can protect you from harmful UV rays, reduce glare from the sun, ensure privacy and make indoor living much safe. Tinting comes in handy, especially if you live in a hot and humid area. You can apply tinting to all your windows. If you’re looking to have your home windows tinted, contact Brower Tinting & Graphics. We can provide you with high-quality windows tints. Whether you’d like to keep blinding sunlight out or improve your privacy, our professional home window tinting service will take care of your tinting needs. There are no regulations around what tint to use your home’s windows, so you don’t have to worry about adhering to window tint laws.

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Get in touch for residential and commercial window tinting in Seattle, WA, and surrounding areas. For high-quality and affordable tints for your property’s windows, contact us online or call 425-251-6849 for a free quote. We always keep in mind the legally allowed window tints in Seattle when tinting.

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