Things You Should Know Before Having A Home Window Tinting

Things You Should Know Before Having A Home Window Tinting Installed

Most homeowners use drapes and blinds to protect their homes from UV rays and visible light transmission, but a tint offers a more permanent solution. In addition, adding an inner coating to your windows adds their aesthetic value and helps you to remain energy-efficient without making any effort.

Even though Seattle, WA, is mainly overcast with the ‘Big Dark’ weather, summers can drive you crazy and increase your energy consumption. However, window films come with different features for different purposes. Knowing the right one to install in your home will go a long way to meet your needs. This blog post will discuss what you should know and consider before hiring professional tinting services for your home.

Benefits Of Window Tinting

Residential Window Tinting

A solar window tint in your home blocks up to 99 percent of harmful UV rays and sun glare, increasing your home efficiency and protecting your interior fittings from fading. Window tint can also play a key role in maintaining safety and security at home. However, there is a difference between solar film and decorative film.

A security window film is thicker than a solar film to restrict damage during an intrusion. A security window film will hold the glass together and make it difficult to break into small shatters, whether a burglar, a storm, or an accidental object thrown towards the window.

In addition, window tinting can play a decorative role. A decorative film comes in beautiful patterns that add not only add to your home’s beauty but also make it impossible for outsiders to glean into your house, giving you the privacy you need.

Auto Window Tinting

Car window tinting also plays the same role as residential window tinting but has added benefits, especially because vehicles are mobile and exposed to more risks. In Washington, window tinting for automobiles is limited to 24 percent of the car’s windows. This window film is enough to maintain your clear vision while on the road as well as shield your vehicle’s interiors from sun damage. UV rays can greatly affect your skin as you drive in hot weather.

Furthermore, packing your vehicle in a sun-exposed area could destroy the interiors and other items inside. Tinting the upper part of the windshield with non-reflective tint protects you from the sun glare that could blind you, while tinting the rear windows could limit visible light that could increase your risk of causing accidents. It also reduces solar heat gain inside your car, making your driving experience pleasant. Tinting your car also prevents people from seeing what is inside, protecting it against theft.

Commercial Window Tinting

Window tinting is not limited to residential buildings and car windows. Window tinting commercial and large buildings are also beneficial. Solar heat gain could cost your business a lot of money during summer. Commercial window tinting offers you extra protection from hot temperatures and keeps your office cooler for cheaper. Brower Tinting & Graphics is a respected window tint company in the Seattle area. We use advanced technology and stock up a wide variety of films for commercial tinting windows. Contact us for the best window tinting services.

What You Need to Know Before Coating Your Windows With Tint

  • Window tint could void your warranty. Window tinting affects warranties in various ways. For instance, your vehicle’s windows warranty if the window tinting process involves removing the windows to install the film. Also, installing a vehicle’s window film that is darker than legally allowed or on the wrong areas, such as the windshield, will definitely void your warranty. In addition, residential window tinting could result in damage to the panes. The window manufacturer’s warranty does not cover such damage. Therefore, it is advisable to get window tinting services from an experienced and insured company. If you are looking for reliable tinting experts in Seattle, WA, call Brower Tinting & Graphics at 425-251-6849 for a free estimate.


  • Tinted windows are economical. Window film is more economical than other energy-efficient window treatment options such as solar screens and cellular shades. Window tinting costs around $6 per square foot, but the number and size of windows determine the final cost. You can always cut costs with DIY tint installations, but hiring professional window tinting services is always rewarding as it ensures you get a perfect service.


  • Not all tints are compatible with your window panes. Windows are manufactured differently, with some having different heat absorption levels. Films that absorb solar energy do not work on all types of glasses due to the risk of increasing thermal stress on the window. However, decorative window tint works on all types of windows. When tinting your car’s window, you need to know how different tinting materials work on glass. Peeling and bubbling can damage your windows. If planning to tint your home, business, or truck windows, feel free to consult a professional for advice before buying the film.


  • Old windows gain the most from tinting. The newer glass comes with a low e-coating which absorbs solar heat and reflective light, protecting the building from sun damage and high cooling costs. However, old windows lack this coating, so a tint is necessary to keep your home energy efficient. Adding a solar film will go a long way in helping your old windows become energy efficient.


  • Tinted windows are cheaper than uncoated ones.  Brand new windows with a low e-coating cost more than old tinted windows. Adding a window film is usually affordable, even with the help of a professional. 


  • Coating windows with a film is fast. The process of tinting windows is easy, and you can do it without any help. As long as you have the right tools, prepping the glass and adhering to the film could take just a few minutes. Nevertheless, DIY tinting is prone to peeling and bubbling. In addition, a commercial tinting window could damage it, so getting a tinting expert to help is recommended.


  • Professional tint installation will save you money and time. Accidents can happen during window tinting. And installing a window film is not straightforward. To avoid wasting film or damaging your glass, get professional help.

Are You Looking for Professional Window Tint Installation in Seattle, WA? Call Brower Tint And Graphics Today!

Do you want your windows to give you protection from accidents, natural disasters, crime, and reflective light and UV damage? Getting the right film for your cars and room is the key. Brower Tinting & Graphics offers tinting services at an affordable price. We have been selling 3M and ceramic window tints over the years. We have built our reputation as the go-to tinting company in Seattle, WA, offering a wide range of tinting solutions. For all your solar & heat control, anti-graffiti, paint protection film, view control, security films, and commercial window tinting solutions in Seattle, we are just a phone call away. Our line, 425-251-6849, is always open for customers.

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